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Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance

In East Africa, AKAM?s primary objective is to provide loans to microenterprises and small businesses for income generating activities such as small-scale agriculture, fishing, artistic activities and retail. AKAM?s East African institutions had about 3,918 beneficiaries in 2010, with 46 percent of the beneficiaries being women. The value of outstanding loans surpassed US$ 605,000.

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Mobile Money Agents to Help Tanzania Up Banking

Tanzania is expected to embark on utilizing the ubiquitous mobile money agents as conduits for opening and operating basic banking services and avoiding expenses over single dependence on branch network expansion. The progress comes at a time as some of the mobile telecom operators have started easing ways to enable customers to access cash through […]

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Creating Business Opportunities for a Globally Competitive Agricultural Sector

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) senior staff highlighted the potential of smallholder farmers in economic development and food security at the Agricultural Sector Forum in Kenya today. “The particular experience of IFAD has demonstrated that smallholder agriculture is profitable and that rural communities can thrive when they have access to markets, and have […]

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Agricultural microinsurance in Sub-Saharan Africa

For a low-income family, a major crisis can drain savings and plunge the family into debt, forcing them to sell prized, productive assets or take their children out of school, perpetuating the cycle of poverty. When informal risk-management structures, such as loans from family and friends, aren’t enough, microinsurance can intervene and provide a much-needed […]

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